Our patients are 4 hours old to 100 years young!

Some have had multiple concussions and never been treated. Others notice impaired mental focus after one incident and seek help.

Sue A., Mother of a student athlete (Lindzi's mom)

"It was surprising to me that there was something that could analyze (a concussion) quantitatively and put numbers to it to see how concussed (athletes) are...the most important thing for (Lindzi) was to get back on the ice. For me, her overall and LONG TERM health is most important. She did not have a lot of symptoms of a concussion (after she hit her head)...but having been through this before we knew that if she got hit again it would make it much worse.

"DIET was an enormous part of things. It changed our whole family's diet in a very good way. I think that it will make a huge impact on us for the rest of our lives.

"I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr. Kort to other families! Knowing what I know now, the first time she got hit I would have had her in here immediately. There are a variety of treatments (involved with the concussion protocol)Öand the majority of them are things that I didnít know if it would help, they didnít make sense and Iím not the doctor so I donít have the knowledge. To be honest, you canít help but be a little skeptical. But everything that Dr. Kort was doing was stuff that could not hurt; it was so mild. Iíve seen such great improvement and I love the fact that so much of it is just based on the eyes Ė it is amazing what you can accomplish!.

"I love the connections that you have fostered with other patients to help us with things...As a parent I had huge concerns about autophagy. To talk to other patients who had done it was incredibly helpful to me...Itís been a very good experience!"

Shane C., Activities Director, Musician

"I was struggling focusing in my everyday life. It seemed like everyday tasks were extremely mundane and very, very hard to get through...Iíd start something and never be able to finish it, projects in my personal life or projects at work; forgetting many things. I just wasnít retaining information. It was just a fog Ė a fog that affected my everyday life...I think that the state that I was in before coming in here had been a product of sitting in that muck for a couple of years...I had been a college football player and I couldnít help feeling like maybe that had something to do with the state that I was in with the amount of hits that I took to the head Ė the amount of micro-concussions that I suffered throughout the years (never diagnosed).

The biggest goal that I wanted to achieve is probably a spiritual goal. I wanted to get myself feeling good again. I wanted to be happy with myself...feel like I can be a ďrealĒ person in everyday society.

Now...I feel like a million bucks! I think that itís the work that I put in (the clinic) PLUS the work that I put in outside of (the clinic)ÖI think that anyone can benefit from coming in here and doing the exercises that Dr. Kort. I...am reaping the rewards of putting in the hard work. Itís not just Dr. Kort. You have to do what Dr. Kort is asking you to do. Dr. Kort is half of the equation and you, as the patient, are the other half of the equation. My outlook on life has completely changed since the first day that I was here.

Dr. Kort makes sure that you know when you are in that you are the only thing that he is worried about. I had heard that multiple times from himÖit shows through his actions too...There is science behind it. I felt like everything was very well explained to me and not only that but I was always given the opportunity to investigate what he was telling me to do for myself. "

Lindzi A., Student Athlete

"I felt normal but I kept getting headaches more than usual. Coach (Jr. Hawks) told mom about Dr. Kort and how he is a functional neurologist and chiropractor. I didnít know about eye movements or arm swings but I lost arm swing, eye movements have tremors here and thereÖI was unable to play hockey for 1 month, my school work was okay, no sensitivity to lights/sounds etc. (My biggest goal coming to see Dr. Kort was to get rid of my concussion and get back on the ice! I feel AMAZING being back on the ice! (I've noticed) changes with my eye movements and tests (C3logix); how itís gotten easier to do arm swings Ė more fluid. (The biggest challenge during treatment was) having the SUSPENSE of whether I can get back on the ice or not! I did a 38 hour fast (autophagy) were I didnít eat or drink anything but water for 38 hours.(Afterward) my brain felt clearer and my eyes felt great. You should go...heís an amazing doctor! Very nice and helps you a lot and heís awesome!"

Tracey E.

"Knowledge, science and art combine for amazing experience... I can see why Dr. Kort comes so highly recommended! Dr. Kort has a gift that can help lives... And even save them!"

Debbie M.

"The level of care & concern on each visit is exceptional! The therapy is determined each time specific to your needs. Each visit I'm shown the improvement I've made."

Brandon W.

"I have been going to Kort Chiropractic for several years! Dr. Kort and his staff are very personal and know me by name as I walk in the door. Several years ago, I was overweight and out of alignment. Dr. Kort has been helpful in getting me back to alignment as I pursue health and fitness. I would strongly recommend Dr. Kort to anyone needing chiropractic care!"

Daniel K.

"Whatever your problem is Dr. Kort and his staff will do 110% to make sure your feeling better and healthier. Always Perfect!!!"

Bill T.

"Awesome job at identifying my problem areas and fixing them the best that can be! Good customer service by all!! Greetings were made from all."

Kimberly C.

"Dr Kort and his team has changed me and my families life, hands down. I cannot find the words that can give the credit that he deserves in a review but know that this is the man you need to see to better your quality of life!"