The types of patients Kort Chiropractic and Concussion Care works with include:

Athletes, skaters, dancers, students, anyone concerned about their health and willing to make changes to achieve performance goals. Young and old, from 9 months to 90 years. People from any background can benefit from chiropractic care. Our patients are men and women of all ages and backgrounds.

Patients include many who feel like they live in a fog, can't think clearly, have balance problems, and migraine headaches. Many have difficulty concentrating and cannot preform their daily tasks with the ease. Individuals who want real care, not just a pill. You may be a good candidate for care if you have tried other treatments and still just don't feel right.

People who seek out our care are serious about their health care, taking advantage of the opportunity to be better educated about their needs and working with the recommendations of the doctor.

We do not work with those who want a "Quick Adjustment" from a chiropractor. We feel this would be a disservice to those who really want to improve their health since a quick adjustment potentially affects so much more than the skeletal system.

Our clinic and the treatments we offer may be what your looking for if these are some of your goals:

- You want to work with a health care provider who truly understands the complexities of concussion symptoms and can provide safe and effective, brain-based therapy to get you back in the game.

- You want a trusted resource who truly understands your pain, frustration, and fear.

- You need a professional that has the education and experience to get you back in the play, living life to the full each day and being engaged with friends, family, and "Your" life.

- You want a more permanent and sustainable solution to your pain. You want to finally get over being tired. You want real answers even though you've been told "All your tests are normal, you're fine."

Our patients look for our care when they haven't gotten answers anywhere else.